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IMC Himalayan Berry Juice Benefits:

IMC Himalayan berry Juice is a nutritious and healthy tonic to live healthy, strong and young.Useful tonic for children, aged men or women, healthy or unhealthy person, it is the boon for a patient.

  • Himalayan Berry Juice works as anti-aging, anti-disease, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer health tonic.
  • We can fulfill the requirement of oxygen by using it because Himalayan Berry is a store full of oxygen.
  • It is very nutritious because it has many kinds of  minerals ,18 amino acids and vitamins like C, A, E, B-1, B-2, 25 etc.
  • It is Useful for Cold, cold, obesity, cancer, liver, B.P, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disorders, breathing disorders etc.
  • Beneficial for physical, mental, and sexual weakness.

In, conclusion IMC Himalayan Berry Juice is very nutritious so useful for the sports person, aged persons, and lactating mothers.

Dosage: Take 10ml juice with 250ml of water in morning and evening or as per directed by your physician.


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500 ml, 1Ltr


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