IMC Jeevan Shakti Ras (500ML.)



Benefits of IMC Jeevan Shakti Ras:

IMC Jeevan Shakti Ras is awesome health syrup.

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera, Kesar, Cardamom, Rose, Kewra, Nagarmotha, Silver leaves, Giloye and Punarnava.
  • Jeevan Shakti Ras Work as energy booster, Memory Booster, Strengthen body, heart, mind and liver.
  • Useful in stomach health issues like gas,  jaundice and pandu etc.
  • It is helpful to increase blood in body because it is nutritious.

In Conclusion, perfect syrup to improve health.

Dosage of Jeevan Shakti Ras:

Take 20ml syrup with 200ml water, milk or buttermilk.




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